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Good News - Our abstract passed the second round!

Dear Dr. Özdemir,


We are happy to inform you have been invited to submit your full manuscript (“What did the COVID-19 outbreak bring to women in Turkey? Considering the role of coping strategies on psychological distress”) for consideration for the special issue of International Perspectives in Psychology on the topic of women’s lives during the COVID pandemic. Congratulations!


Of the 30 Qualtrics submission, we have selected 21 to move forward; however, we will only be able to publish approximately 12 to 14.


The firm deadline for receipt of the complete manuscript is January 15 (a maximum of 5000 words, including references). Please consult the submission guidelines for International Perspectives in Psychology.


Congratulations once more and we look forward to reviewing your full manuscript to determine final inclusion in the special issue.


Kind regards,

International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation